Why are payments so complicated?

Why are payments so complicated?
March 27, 2020 Serg Zhitar

We’re very sorry about this. It pains us the payment process is not simple. Unfortunately the payments industry is an oligopoly of entrenched interests. Our products are considered “high risk” and it is not possible to use a retail payments processor like PayPal, Stripe or Amazon.

Imagine a world where to pay your friend $10, you have to give some middle-man $10, he takes $1 for himself, puts $1 in a box “for safety” and one week later gives us $8. Every now and then the middle man runs off with the money. That is the gist of the high risk payments industry.

The truth is more complex, with more fees, more middle-men and more headache. For this reason and others we encourage you to learn about digital currencies which allow you full control over what you can or can’t do with your money. Please visit the following page to read our Bitcoin beginner’s guide: